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Telltale Literary Translation is the brainchild of Silvia Cantón Rondoni, a Spanish-born Australian poet, writer and editor. Silvia's poetry collection 'Stark Naked' will be published worldwide in 2021, and she is currently curating a poetry anthology with themes of hope and COVID for IFWG Publishing.

Silvia runs Telltale Literary Translation from her home-office in Canberra, where she lives with award-winning New Zealand writer Paul Mannering and her bulldog Patch.

Her mission is to interpret works published in English and aid authors with their tales' transition into the Spanish language. Her vision is to support authors reach a wider audience remaining faithful to their original tone, voice and style.

For literary translation enquiries, please use Contact form for a quote. Please note that rates vary depending on the genre and length of the work.

You can find Silvia´s portfolio on her website.

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