Stark Naked Book Launch

I am passionate

about poetry, radio

about creating content

that impacts, represents,

forms a ripple wave

takes hearts hostage

leaves without breath

those of us who still care.

I am passionate

about coffee, mental health

complete un-entitlement

saying it like it is, making a fuss

helping those who can't 

stand for themselves.

I am passionate

about many things

I had a wild childhood

or rather she had me

obsessed with patterns

nerding, learning

40 digits of pi

Silvia Cantón Rondoni.


A Bit About Me

Silvia Cantón Rondoni is a Spanish-born Australian poet, writer, and visual artist who identifies as neurodivergent and LGBTQQIP2SAA. Her poetry collection Stark Naked was released worldwide by IFWG Australia in June 2021. The poems in Stark Naked reveal her transition from childhood through grief and trauma to the resilient woman she is today, the collection includes illustrations by artist Silvia Nieto.

During 2020 Silvia also created a poetry anthology on the theme of hope during our times of uncertainty. 

Infectious Hope is a call out for positivism and resilience during lockdown and isolation, focusing on the insights and strength during the pandemic of a spectacular range of diverse poets from around the globe, including luminaries Fiona Wright, Joe R. Lansdale, Isobelle Carmody, Roz Kaveney, and Linda D. Addison, A poetic vaccination of the soul, and a reminder that we are in this together and are stronger than we know. 

Silvia is also the host at Pandemic Poetry podcast produced by Woroni radio station at The Australian National University. Experienced freelance editor, she used to run Telltale Literary Translation. She lives in Canberra with award-winning New Zealand writer Paul Mannering and her bulldog Patch.

Front Cover Reveal Stark Naked
Pandemic Poetry Spotify Cover
infectious-hope-cover reveal

Industry Experience

| Silvia Cantón Rondoni

2020 to 2019
Pen Name: Silvia Brown

➢ LGQBTQ+ Panelist for Wear It Purple Day at ANU's Research School of Earth Sciences


➢ Pandemic Poetry host at Woroni radio on Spotify. Launch Aug 2021

➢ Guest at Supanova Sydney. Jun 2021

➢IFWG Publishing Australia

➢ RMIT Graduate. Associate Degree of Professional Writing and Editing. Dec 2020

➢ Short story commission. Oz is Burning. B-Cube Press. Release Aug 2020

➢ Snapshot Interview Silvia Canton Rondoni/Silvia Brown. Jul 2020

➢ Short story donation. Stories of Hope. Deadset Press. Release Feb 2020

➢ IFWG Publishing Australia


➢ Continuum 15 Other Worlds | 58th National Science Fiction Convention. Jun 2019

  • Panelist. You Won or You Died. A Game of Thrones discussion

  • Australian Shadows Awards Coordinator (AHWA) and MC Live Ceremony

➢ GeyserCon NZ’s 40th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. Jun 2019

  • Panelist. The Great Horror vs Thriller Debate & Short Story Fiction

  • Kaffeeklatsch Moderator. Finding Your Tribe

2018 to 2016
| Pen Name: Silvia Brown

➢ Short Story Commission. Cthulhu Deep Down Under Volume 2 

➢  Short Story Commission. Aphotic Realm Strange and Sinister Fiction Anniversary Issue 

➢  Panel Organiser & Social Media Liaison. RMIT's Odyssey Literary Festival

➢ Speech Writing & Performance. Memoria. Why Should You Care About Catalonia?

➢ Australasian Horror Writers Association (AHWA)