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Lee Murray

"I am delighted to endorsed Silvia Canton Rondoni and Telltale Literary Translations to any writer or publisher seeking high quality professional translation services. Engaged to undertake the English-to-Spanish translation of my middle grade novel Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse (IFWG Publishing), Silvia exceeded expectations on all fronts with her professionalism, diligence and attention to detail. She kept me apprised of her progress throughout the translation process and the completed work was produced on time and at competitive rates. Not a Spanish speaker myself, knowing that Silvia is a talented author and poet in her own right was a large factor in entrusting her with the translation work. More than once, she consulted with me to ensure that the tone and nuance of the language was as I had intended. Children are exacting and discerning readers, so I am especially grateful to Silvia for the exceptional care she gave my work. I cannot recommend her more highly." 

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